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EUPOC 2017 is aiming to introduce the most recent developments within the various areas of additive manufacturing for polymer parts with presentations from leading international scientists and industrial researchers working in this field. Contributions will address fundamental and experimental aspects, discuss the bottlenecks, model the chemical and physical aspects of these processes in order to consider their simulations, present applications, material-related issues, and part properties.

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Claire Barres
Université de Lyon / INSA Lyon IMP-UMR CNRS 5223
Jean-François Gerard
Université de Lyon / INSA Lyon IMP-UMR CNRS 5223
Gilles Régnier
ENSAM - ParisTech, France


Université de Lyon/INSA Lyon IMP-UMR CNRS 5223
Arts&Métiers ParisTech
Associazione Italiana di Scienza e Tecnologia della Macromolecole
Università di Pisa, Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale
Università di Milano
University of East Piemonte, Alessandria


American Elements: global manufacturer of high purity metals, compounds, alloys, ceramics for additive manufacturing & 3D printing in the aerospace,automotive, biomedical devices, dental, consumer electronics, and defense industries